PPI Claims

There is no doubt that you will have read about the PPI claims saga, but how much of it do you understand? It could be that you are able to claim back PPI charges but are unaware of the details. Many people are entitled to claim but have yet to do so for various reasons, and they are missing out on valuable repayments. If you believe you may have a right to claim you should act right away, and claiming could not be easier. Here we will explain in simple terms what PPI is all about, and how you should go about getting back what you are owed.

Payment Protection Insurance

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a common form of insurance policy that many people will hold. These policies are designed to keep up repayments on loans or mortgages, generally in the event that the policy holder is made redundant involuntarily. So far so good, but when the body that governs consumer finance investigated claims of mis-selling they discovered that the regulations were being flouted routinely. This is why many thousands of people are able to make PPI claims for mis-sold policies.

Can I Make PPI Claims?

If you have taken out a mortgage or loan recently you will most likely have a PPI policy, but whether or not you can make PPI claims depends on how you were sold the policy. The investigation found that the most common form of mis-selling involved the lender convincing the borrower they needed to take out a PPI policy with them, and failing to inform them that they were entitled to shop around for the best deal. If this happened to you then the chances are you will be successful with your claim, but it is best to seek professional help if you are looking to make a claim.

Who Can Help with PPI Claims?

There are many solicitors now offering their services in the world of PPI claims, and these are the people to whom you should turn if you wish to make a claim. Look for one offering a no win, no fee deal – there are many around – as this means you will not have to pay a fee if you are unlucky enough to be unsuccessful in your claim. The world of PPI may seem to be a complex one, but making a claim for mis-sold policies can be done very easily, so do not delay – get your claim underway right now.